08 May 2008

Road Show

The students from Ms. Parker's class at Los Alamitos Elementary, avid writers and artists of cheery letters and pictures, joined me for a photo when I visited them to say thank you.

I became huge fans of Ms. Matzuk's class in Doylestown, PA and Ms. Parkers class in Los Alamitos, CA.  The letters and drawings, as well as the unintentional and innocent humor contained in many, never failed to brighten my day and cast rays of sun on my officemates as well.  So I happily accepted an invitation to visit Ms. Parker's class when I was in Southern California.  

Filled with questions, the students squirmed and raised their hands almost to the point of hyper-extending a joint.  

"What is it like to shoot someone?" one asked, with a seriously inquiring countenance.  To his disappointment and befuddlement, I had to tell him that most military members never have to do that, fortunately.  

"What is your favorite animal?" came another query from a shyly grinning little girl, perhaps wondering if one could have a favorite animal AND be in the military at the same time.  Ask me what I think about some geo-political issue and I am on it.  Ask me my favorite animal, and I am stumped so I diverted and talked about all the migratory bird life at Camp Victory.

I guess it is the simple questions like that one that I need to spend some more time thinking about.

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Welcome home Bob! Greg H.